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In the refining process, the crude vegetable oil is separated from all quality-impairing ingredients that are not necessary for nutrition.

Bleaching removes excessive colour components and substances that are harmful to health, e.g. heavy metals. Finally the oil is steamed. During steaming (or deodorization), volatile compounds such as undesirable taste and odor components are separated by steam distillation at temperatures around 200°C.

The result of this entire refining process is a light yellow edible oil with a neutral taste.

The BRÖLIO and NOURY edible oils are bottled “mill-fresh”, which means that there are short periods of time between production and bottling and no long transports which would affect the oil quality.

Filling is done in various types of packaging, such as the environmentally friendly 1 l PET bottle, which saves both packaging and transport thanks to its low weight (<20 g).

The edible oil bottles are finally delivered to the end consumer via the wholesale and retail traders.

We also serve food producers and canteen kitchens via bulk containers and tankers.