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“From seed to final consumer” The oilseeds are transported to the oil mill mainly in bulk by rail, road or barge.

Silo systems are used to store the oilseeds. Transport and storage conditions have a decisive influence on the quality of crude oil.

During harvesting, we collect the domestic oilseeds in our silos with a capacity of approx. 70,000 t at the port of Hamm. Quality samples are taken from each delivery, which are then subject to a receiving inspection in our own laboratory. This ensures that only controlled goods are released for further processing.

The oil milling technology has been developed from scientific and nutritional knowledge. The mill is the “heart” of edible oil production. We process more than 1,500 tons of oilseeds per day. First the grains are cleaned, then rolled and finally pressed in modern screw presses.

Thus 2/3 of the oil is obtained and 1/3 is an extract from the so-called extraction.