Quality Management

Due to the development on the food sector in Europe without national borders, the interest of the consumer in safe food increases.

Food scandals have caused uncertainty and confusion. By offering a large range of products the consumer’s main interest lies in food safety and harmlessness for the health, besides quality and price, indulgence and nutritional value of the food.

Since the completion of the European Single Market (1.1.1993) the consumer protection of food in Germany and in the entire European Union has been agreed by standard regulations. Laws and regulations protect the consumer against damages caused to health.

Due to the food monitoring this is guaranteed. The crucial element of the food law is the “German Food and Feed Code” (LFGB). This act covers common bans and requirements regarding health protection as well as the consumer protection against deceit. Food safety is a general requirement.

This applies in particular to such a sensitive product like edible oil. Beginning with the acceptance of the seeds, up to the crude oil and refinery production, up to the filling of the oil, our products are permanently monitored in our own laboratories as well as in independent laboratory institutions.

Our oils fulfill the high quality standards of IFS 6 (on higher level), HACCP. Furthermore our products are kosher certified.