Our Oil Mill

“The way from the seeds to the customer”

The shipping of oil seeds is predominantly carried out in bulk via rail, road and water. Oilseeds are stored in our silo plants.

On the grain harvest we collect the domestic oil seeds from the port of Hamm and store them in our approximately 70,000 tons comprising silos. During each delivery our silo foreman and this staff take samples, which are then subject to an incoming inspection in our in-house laboratory. This inspection guarantees that only examined goods are used for further processing.

The state of technology of the mill itself is certainly an important aspect as everybody would only like to use those products from nature which are easily digestible.

The oil mill technology resulted from natural and nutritional scientific findings. The mill is the so called “heart” of our edible oil production. We are processing more than 1,500 tons of oil seeds daily. First of all the seeds are cleaned, milled and then crushed in modern screw extruders.

We are producing 2/3 of oil and 1/3 of extract from the so called “extraction process”.

By combining mill and extraction we receive the rich in protein animal feed “coarse meal”. The animal feed industry produces quality feed for cattle, pig and poultry breeding from it. Healthy pure vegetable quality feed ensures easily digestible meat, which is then used for cooking with BRÖLIO oils. As you can imagine there is no waste in our production process.

In our refinery the crude vegetable oil is separated from all additives which affect quality and which are not essential for nutrition. These are isolated by degumming. The uncombined fatty acids are removed by de-acidification/neutralisation. During the bleaching process large number of pigments and other harmful substances, e. g. heavy metals are also removed.

Finally the oil is steamed. During the steaming process or so called deodorisation, volatile compounds (unwanted taste and aroma components) are separated by water steam distillation with temperatures over 200 °C.

The whole refinery process produces a mostly odourless and in terms of taste rounded off, light yellow edible oil. It can be used in many ways for hot and cold food as the oil does not detract from the food’s natural taste.

BRÖLIO edible oils are directly bottled in our filling plant, which means that the period between the production and bottling is short and long distances, which could have negative effects on the quality of the oil, are avoided.

The PET bottles are environmentally friendly and ultra-light (approximately 20 g) and therefore save packing and transport. Furthermore they have ultra violet (UV) light protection.

More than 50 trucks leave the oil mill per day to supply the retail chains in Europe, which sell our oils to the end-user.